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Rosie’s Fourth Birthday!

So the little scruffball has turned four! Birthdays are a bitter sweet occasion when it comes to our furbabies, but an occasion we should celebrate none the less.

The 3rd of January usually consists of long walks, extra snuggles and lots of spoiling around here. I'm probably the most annoying dog mum on this day of the year as I follow her around trying to take pics and tell her how much I love her...yes really. 

Whats a birthday without cake!? It has now become a little tradition that I bake Rosie a cake for her birthday every year, so this year was no exception. We have the Lily's Kitchen Dinner for Dogs book, which has lots of lovely recipes including special occasion treats too. I make do with what I have available and change the recipes up a little but I don't get any complaints from Rosie! I like to pretty* it up with a few extra treats for good measure. Oh and candles, can't forget the candles. (*I say pretty, but what I actually mean is make it look just about ok for photos.) 

Rosie even got a special birthday wish from @Winstonthedog_ on Instagram this year...he sure knows how to win over a girls heart! 

I'ts funny looking back at the previous years and seeing how much she has changed which is one of the reasons I blog about it, you can have a look at her third birthday here.

I love celebrating her birthday, even if some people thinks its crazy - she provides endless fun for us all year round just by being her and for that I think we are pretty lucky, she deserves a celebration. 

Much love, 

Louise and Rosie x