I’m Louise and I run The January Rose, an online shop offering and array of products handmade by myself in Devon. 

Always having been the arty crafty type, running a business and being able to channel that creativity into something useful was always the ultimate dream, but not something I ever put too much thought into. After the arrival of Rosie, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua - my ever faithful sidekick, The January Rose started in 2014 and has become the business I always knew I wanted, and needed. 

Rosie is the reason why I’m here today, with her being a small dog it was impossible to find collars that fitted her, were comfortable and dainty but also, stylish. So I started making them for her myself out of beautiful fabrics using my Grandma’s sewing machine. After making several for her, then for friends and families dogs and cats, I realised that other small dogs need dainty, comfy and well fitting collars too, so that’s where it started.
I have since added a lot to my product range including hand stamped items - things really took off when I first offered the “crazy dog lady” keyring, which has been featured in The Guardian. My love of all things pretty and florals can often be seen in what I create, especially through my use of Liberty Of London fabrics, which I adore. Another big love of mine is home interiors, I love spending time in my own little place, you'll see lots more homely things appearing here and there on the website. Everything is handmade by me in my Honiton studio with attention to detail at every stage, from tacking to packing.

Rosie is my best friend with four legs and a tuft, she is so ridiculously special to me, and I know the bond we share is the same for so many other pet owners. I love being able to celebrate that with other like minded people through what I do, whether that’s because they’ve supported me with a purchase or simply connecting with them online. 

Our Eco Friendly Promise

We are doing our best to be as eco friendly as possible. Your orders will arrive in recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging. The majority of orders are plastic free, with the exception of small orders such as a keyring or tag - these will be in a padded envelope which is designed to be taken apart so you can recycle the bubble wrap and paper separately. 

All our supplies are from the UK, more often than not they are bought very locally to us here in Devon. 


If you would like to get in contact please have a look at my contact details here.