Rosie’s 6th Birthday

The annual birthday blog..can you believe there are 6 candles on Rosies cake this year?!

We always celebrate her birthday, it's become tradition to bake her a doggy cake and wrap up a few treats and toys. She brings us joy everyday so I love having an excuse for a whole day of fusses, playing and lots of extra attention - a day all about her.

She has been spoilt with venison sausages from her biggest fan and a visit from her friend Flo too, who went home with a slice of cake, of course!

I have made her a cake for every birthday so far. This year I bought an innocent hound birthday cake mix and will be doing the same for next year as it turned out a lot more cake-like than my previous attempts over the last five years!

It has a couple of sachets which you just mix together with two eggs, some water and bake so she still has a fresh homemade cake, but it was SO much easier than collecting all the dog friendly ingredients and finding a decent recipe to follow. All the ingredients are natural and full of good stuff so there is no guilt in letting her scoff a few slices! I topped it with a bit of cream cheese and more innocent hound treats, plus of course those six candles. Rosie and her pals LOVED it, so definitely a hit with both human and hound. 

I may be a little bit nuts for doing all this every year..but is there anything better than seeing your dog prancing around happy with their new toy and giving them extra fusses and love for a day? Not for this crazy dog lady there isn't. She brings me happiness 365 days of the year, so one day of spoiling her feels pale in comparison. Dogs really do make life better. 

Lots of love, 
Louise x 

A weekend trip to Cornwall

In October we took a short family break to Cornwall and stayed in a lovely cottage in the village of Polperro. 

The Quarterdeck was an ideal place to stay with a little dog, with only a ten minute walk you can be in the main harbour area of the village, which was great for early morning and late night strolls with Rosie. A good dog friendly pub only a stones throw away made eating easy as well.

Beach day..

Rosie got her little princess paws wet wondering along the edge of the waves with me. We can never get enough of doing this, beach days are the best days. 
Complete with Guru snacks along the way...of course. 

The day this little dog could feel big..

For me one of the highlights over the weekend was visiting Polperro model village, mainly because it was so fun to get pictures of Rosie wondering amongst the mini buildings. Somehow she still managed to look teeny but they were definitely Rosie sized.
I was delighted to find out it was dog friendly, it's the perfect opportunity to get some cute photos wit your pup. A small set up but really lovely to have a wonder around and look at the whole of Polperro in model form. 

We had such a lovely relaxing weekend, we always feel very content in Cornwall. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into what we got up to.

Louise and Rosie x 

Rosie’s Grooming Recommendations

Grooming is not my favourite part of being a dog owner, especially as Rosie is not that keen on it either. Here is a little round up of some of the items we love, couldn't be without and that make life a little easier for both of us. 

Rosie recently won this Organic shampoo from The Artisan Pet Deli in a Instagram competition. I was excited to see my go-to online shop for natural treats had a new line of shampoos and conditioners for dogs from Pure Light Botanics. As Rosie was a runner up she got the Pure Paws Mini Organic Shampoo For Little Dogs, which is specifically designed for smaller dogs like her.
I couldn't wait to try this, it lathered up instantly and you only need a little bit to do this. You can tell it is a quality shampoo, I  would usually use dog conditioner after but I didn't feel the need to. When Rosie was out of the bath and starting to dry off her fur already looked so much fuller and shinier than it usually would at this stage. She is now looking really fresh, soft and has much better volume in her hair than me! The tangy orange scent is lovely - in fact would be quite happy if there was a human version too! I am really impressed with this shampoo so will definitely be checking out more of the range and purchasing it again in the future. Even though the shampoo works really well on its own, I would love to try the conditioner as I can just imagine how soft and fluffy it would make her!

Having been on the search for a decent doggy toothpaste for such a long time, I was pleased to finally find out that Dorwest make this Roast Dinner one. I introduced it to Rosie without her knowing I would be brushing her teeth with it and she was definitely interested, howvever that did change slightly when she realised it was going on the toothbrush. She is not a fan of getting her teeth brushed but we manage to do it with a little positive reinforcement and treats (of course!) and I was really impressed to see the results after using this paste.
I know Rosie will never like having her teeth brushed, however good the toothpaste tastes, so I'm just really happy to have found a good one I know I can trust, we wont be buying anything other than this from now on.

Now...Rosie is not the biggest fan of baths either, so that's where this sticky bone comes in! She was lucky enough to win this in a competition on Twitter from Ruff Shop along with her favourite bribe...Arden Grange Liver Paste. I usually use the Liver Paste which she licks whilst I trim her fur, bath time etc. but that means I have only one hand to use whilst I hold it. Now with the sticky bone I can load it up with some paste and other treats and just plonk it wherever I wish so I can have both hands free - perfect!
It worked really well in the bath, it meant Rosie stayed put in one place rather than wriggling away from the shower like usual. I was worried it may slip off the bath tub, but It stayed put the whole time despite getting a little wet. I will be sure to use this every time Rosie has a bath now, it definitely helped keep her occupied whilst I washed her and made it a much more positive experience for her.
Ruff Shop have lots of other interactive dog toys, I'm glad I came across them on Twitter as I'm sure I will be purchasing more from them in the future. They have lots of training aids and other things to explore so its definitely worth checking out the site.

We also love John Paul Pet Shampoo and conditioners, we were using the Oatmeal set which are really good. This is the first dog conditioner I have ever used and I will always buy one to match the shampoo I get from now on, as it just gives that lovely bit of sheen and softness to Rosie's fur.
The kong zoom groom has been really handy too. It always gets a surprising amount of fur out of Rosie and she really enjoys when we use it as it gives her a little massage at the same time. So she always feels relaxed whilst I get that extra fur out - win win!

In our parcel from The Artisan Pet Deli there were also some Innocent Hound venison treats which Rosie goes absolutely crackers for - great to make sure she is still my friend after all these grooming rituals - Thanks Guys!!


Of course after every successful grooming session you need to top it off with a new collar and bow tie! We went for the new Autumnal Liberty floral set this time.

Love from Louise and a fresh smelling Rosie x

Lavender Fields

We had planned to visit Somerset Lavender this year and Sunday seemed like the perfect day to go as the skies were blue and the sun was shining.

It took us a couple of hours to travel there but it was totally worth it, the sight on arrival was just beautiful - even more so than I had imagined.  There is something about the purple filled fields that make you feel instantly serene.

I am so pleased dogs are allowed through the fields, Rosie was really well behaved walking amongst the lavender with bees buzzing all around us. Being a little dog meant most of the lavender was above her but we still managed to get some nice shots. 

We wandered through the fields getting plenty of photos along the way. Despite it being a popular place to visit, it didn't feel overly busy or crowded, you have the opportunity to gets pictures without many other people in them too. There was just a lovely relaxed atmosphere with everyone enjoying the surroundings. 

There is a little shop and cafe so before we headed home we had a little treat. I enjoyed a pot of local icecream outside whilst still admiring the fields and garden in view, Rosie did have a little taste when I finished (but believe me, there wasn't much left to taste at all!).

In addition to the lavender fields there is a little garden full of pretty blooms and a few vegetables, I didn't know it was there before going but it was lovely to wander around and see a vast array of colours in that part too. Plus there was a patch of sunflowers next to the lavender but not many flowers were out when we visited.

Rosie and I wore our matching purple Liberty print collar and bracelet.

It was the perfect way to spend the last day of July and I really hope to visit these stunning fields again next year. If you have considered going I'd say it is definitely worth a visit for a lovely dog friendly day out. 

Louise and Rosie x 

Rosie Recommends – Guru Pet Food

I'm a big fan of Guru and I have mentioned it a few times on social media, Rosie has now fully converted to the surf and turf recipe - it's been a big hit with my rather fussy girl!

When first finding Guru through Instagram I was very intrigued and got talking to Lisa about whether it would be suitable for Rosie as she is quite small, we soon arranged for her to try a sample. I looked at the website and was really impressed with what I saw, I had not really heard of cold pressed dog food before but the benefits sounded great and the fact it contains all natural ingredients excited me. 

Rosie had no problems with her old food, it was specific to her size and being a small dog she doesn't usually get on well with standard bigger kibble. She never went mad for it and there was usually some in her bowl throughout the day. I had always had my doubts about it but never really looked into changing as she seemed to be doing fine on it, also I didn't think it was a 'bad' brand. After receiving the Guru sample and  seeing how much Rosie enjoyed it I thought I would seriously look into switching to her to Guru, that's when I came across  I spent ages looking through this website comparing food she had tried before - which was a lot when she was younger as she had no real interest in any of them. I was totally shocked to see that Rosie's old food was rated just 1.8 out of 5!! I felt like an awful dog mum that I had been feeding her this stuff for so long. Guru has  a rating of 4.9 which is brilliant and we can see why. The ingredients list is clear and full of natural goodness with lots of benefits for our dogs health.

After finding out more about both foods I was keen to convert Rosie to Guru as soon as possible, I tried slowly introducing it into her usual kibble increasing the percentage of Guru each day. However the whole introducing it slowly didn't go too well, this is because Rosie absolutely refused to eat her old food. She picked out every last morsel of Guru and disregarded her old food completely.

I have to admit, I thought I was going to have to pay a high price to get Rosie switched to this premium quality cold pressed food but to my pleasant surprise the price is extremely reasonable, you don't have to feed as much Guru as standard kibble because of all the brilliant nutrients packed into every bite. also tells you roughly how much it costs a day to feed your dog on the food, Rosies old one was about 46p a day and now she is on Guru it is only 16P, so that's another thumbs up. The feeding guide on Guru makes it so easy to find out how much your dogs needs a day, just use the slider and you've got your answer - brilliant!


I have never known Rosie to love her every day food so much as this, it makes me so happy to see her trotting to the kitchen when she hears it go in the bowl. With her old food sometimes half her breakfast would still be there when it came to dinner time, its a revolution...she even gets out of bed for Guru so it must be tasty! The pieces of Guru are all different sizes, some of which Rosie has to chew on a bit more, I really think this helps to keep her interested in the food and stops her from gobbling it down too quickly. 

Rosie was lucky enough to win a couple of field trip bones in an Instagram competition with Guru. They are great for when we are out and about as they are a complete meal for her so I don't need to faff around worrying about taking her food too, plus they keep her occupied!


I couldn't be happier about finding Guru - a food that I am truly happy to feed my dog and she is super happy to eat. It has been Rosie's food for a couple of months now and she still enjoys as much as she did on day one, I'm thrilled to be feeding her on a food that I can trust to not have all the added nasty bits like other regular kibble - it really is good honest food. I urge you to take a look at and find out how your dogs current food compares to Guru, you may be surprised like myself. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our experience with Guru, there is so much more I could tell you about why I love this fantastic UK brand but there is loads more interesting information on their website here and the super lovely people behind Guru will be more than happy to help if you have any questions. Perhaps you should give your dog a treat and let them try a sample and see what all the buzz is about! Everything about Guru gets 10 out of 10 from us, and if you haven't noticed already, both Rosie and I really can't recommend them enough. 

Louise & Rosie x 

Guru very kindly offered to supply Rosie's first bag of food for free in return for this blog post, but all opinions are my own. I do not review or blog about products I am not passionate about. 

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