Rosie recently won some biscuits from Wellybix over on Twitter and we wanted to share them here with you all as we are so impressed! Rosie went for the chicken flavour, as chicken is always a winner in this house.

Rosie has been going a little crazy for these biscuits ever since they came through the door (addressed to her which was super cute!). A good sign that Rosie loves the treats currently open is she suddenly becomes a little more obedient.  Since she tasted these she comes in from the garden like a little rocket when I call her and looks straight at my hands, so they must be pretty good - I'm usually waiting by the door wondering where she has got to!


You may have already noticed I am quite particular with what Rosie eats, we are not a fan of mass produced food and treats full of artificial flavours and the finding natural treats full of goodness is always exciting, especially when Rosie loves them as much as she loves these Wellybix.  They are full of garden herbs freshly picked from Alison and Welly's garden! (Welly the Jack Russell is the taste tester for these yummy biscuits.)

As it says on the Wellybix website "They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory."   So they are a big yes from me and an even bigger yes from Rosie. 

They are easy to break up so are great for both smaller and bigger dogs alike. I can easily put one of the biscuits in my pocket on walkies and break a bit off when needed, this means Rosie is happy too as she likes her treats easy to eat. The best thing here is I actually don't mind popping one of these in my pocket, unlike some other treats, and that's because they smell rather lovely! 

They are a definite Rosie recommendation, you can find out more about Wellybix here, and browse the other flavour of treats as well as some other lovely doggy goodies. 

So thanks again to Alison and Welly, we feel very lucky to have won these and cant wait to buy more and try the other flavours too, from a very happy Louise and Rosie x