The annual birthday blog..can you believe there are 6 candles on Rosies cake this year?!

We always celebrate her birthday, it's become tradition to bake her a doggy cake and wrap up a few treats and toys. She brings us joy everyday so I love having an excuse for a whole day of fusses, playing and lots of extra attention - a day all about her.

She has been spoilt with venison sausages from her biggest fan and a visit from her friend Flo too, who went home with a slice of cake, of course!

I have made her a cake for every birthday so far. This year I bought an innocent hound birthday cake mix and will be doing the same for next year as it turned out a lot more cake-like than my previous attempts over the last five years!

It has a couple of sachets which you just mix together with two eggs, some water and bake so she still has a fresh homemade cake, but it was SO much easier than collecting all the dog friendly ingredients and finding a decent recipe to follow. All the ingredients are natural and full of good stuff so there is no guilt in letting her scoff a few slices! I topped it with a bit of cream cheese and more innocent hound treats, plus of course those six candles. Rosie and her pals LOVED it, so definitely a hit with both human and hound. 

I may be a little bit nuts for doing all this every year..but is there anything better than seeing your dog prancing around happy with their new toy and giving them extra fusses and love for a day? Not for this crazy dog lady there isn't. She brings me happiness 365 days of the year, so one day of spoiling her feels pale in comparison. Dogs really do make life better. 

Lots of love, 
Louise x