I love celebrating her birthday, a day just for her to be extra spoilt. We all know we don't ever have long enough with our fur babies, so an excuse to get yearly photos, doing something special and making memories always feels important.

We always celebrate with cake..

7 candles on this years. I can hardly believe it. I have made her a doggy birthday cake every single year, its a tradition now. I used a recipe from the Lilys Kitchen dog cook book this time. They never turn out quite how I expect, but she sure loves them. She seems to now know the word cake and gets rather excited for it!

A piggy toy, yakee chew and a bundle of Goodchaps treats were unwrapped. She always has so much fun working out how to get into them, sniffing them out and playing with new toys! We have had a lovely day together, she's sat beside me snoozing away as I've done this blog post - all that excitement is tiring!

"How beautiful it is to find someone who asks for nothing but your company" 

We've had a good day celebrating together, it's been full of joy - she definitely knows when it's her birthday. She brings so much happiness with her special little ways,  and I feel so incredibly lucky to have her in my life. I really do cherish every moment. 

Louise x