If you've followed us for a little while you'll know how fussy I am about what Rosie eats - her daily food, treats and chews. So that means we have been fans of The Innocent Hound for a while now, Rosie LOVES their natural treats and we have purchased several different bits from their website. She was recently lucky enough to be sent some of the new tuna and crab treats to try, so we thought we would let you know how much we love them!

These treats are the perfect size for Rosie, as she's a small dog I more often than not find myself cutting up regular treats as they are on the larger side and if I didn't she would be having far too much, especially if we are training. Cue messy moments when out and about and Rosie having to wait whilst I break up treats due to lack of dog mum preparation. With these there are no worries at all, I can get the bite size pieces straight out of the packet and praise Rosie for being good instantly. As they are low fat they are ideal for training sessions when more treats are used and for dogs that might need to watch their waistline a little!


I have to admit, I thought these were going to be rather smelly and wasn't sure if they would be something I wanted to take out and about. But I can confirm they are not bad at all, these are now the treats we use outside of the house. The smell is enough to keep the dogs intrigued and interested but not overwhelming or leaving you wanting to find the closest place to rinse your hands! They have a squidgy sort of texture and don't crumble which is always a plus. 

They have been a massive hit with both Rosie and my brothers dog, Lottie. The treats definitely helped with them doing what we asked for a lot quicker as they were aware we had them! A Rosie recommendation for sure. 


Made from sustainably sourced tuna and crab, plus just a few other completely natural ingredients and gently air-dried in Yorkshire to retain their nutrients and flavour. 

They definitely pass the crazy dog mum test. 


I have always been impressed with The Innocent Hound, and Rosie, of course, very much so. And these have definitely not disappointed - they really are the perfect training treat. They are good quality treats, and you can really tell. 

Some of Rosie's other recommendations are the Sliced Duck Sausages With Cranberry & Venison Sausages With Chopped Apple , plus their British Deer Antlers are the best we have found at a great price! 

I hope this Rosie recommendation has been helpful, let us know if your dog will be trying them too!

Louise x